Donate Securities

Offset Your Taxes Owing

Cashing in investments such as Shares and Mutual Funds may trigger capital gain tax. Canada Revenue Agency, however, has introduced a way for donors to offset this impact, and realize significant tax savings, by donating shares directly to a charity such as the Ottawa Food Bank. This, therefore, is a beneficial option to selling securities and donating the cash.

What gifts are eligible?

  • Bonds
  • Bills
  • Futures
  • Publicly traded stocks
  • Shares acquired through employee stock options
  • Units in mutual trust funds
  • Warrants

How to donate gifts of securities

To donate these types of gifts, please fill out the form linked below. Please ensure the form is signed by the donor and returned to the Ottawa Food Bank. Please note, this form will be used to issue the donor a tax receipt.

The procedure for donating the shares is as simple as transferring ownership of the securities from the donor’s account to the Ottawa Food Bank’s account. This takes only a few days, and the value of your gift is determined by the date on which the securities are actually transferred.

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