It’s Hunger Action Month!

We need to TAKE ACTION on hunger

Hunger Action Month is a nation-wide campaign that encourages Canadians to work towards a future without hunger. We are inviting YOU to join us in the fight against hunger in your community by letting our elected officials know that we need a Poverty Reduction Strategy now.

Let’s be LOUD this month. We must let everyone know that people going hungry in our city / province / country is NOT acceptable.

Throughout September, join the conversation online and use the
hashtag #HungerActionMonth

If you’re wondering how you – one person – can possibly make a difference, please take a look at the list below for a few actions you can take that will truly make a difference in the life of someone in your community. We don’t need a handful of people to take action perfectly. We need the whole city to take action as best they can.

Most importantly, we need to ensure we’re reaching out to all levels of government. From municipal to federal, reach out to your elected officials and let them know why you think the root causes of hunger and poverty need to be addressed TODAY. Let your government officials know that we need a Poverty Reduction Strategy more now than ever.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned this month – it’s time we all take action!

Ways YOU can help today:

  • Set up a spare change jar at your office/house and collect donations for the month
  • If you’ve experienced hunger, help us rid of the stigma by sharing your story at
  • Donate at Every dollar donated can help us provide $5 worth of food
  • Look into volunteering with a group at our farm or in our warehouse. Contact
  • Plan to donate food and supplies at our next grocery store food drive (Thanks for Giving, in October)
  • Find out who your local MPP is and contact them. Let them know you want to see change and you want to see a Poverty Reduction Strategy
  • Buy a ticket for the Sept. 22nd Ottawa Fury game through our eventbrite link to help us buy diapers for families in need. It’s our first ever Fans for Families Diaper Drive
  • While we’re talking about events – get your ticket before their gone for Sept. 25ths Heels for Meals event, in support of our Baby Basics Program.
  • Let your friends and family know that you support the Ottawa Food Bank and their desire to see change in the Nations Capital. Talk about how it is unacceptable for people to be going hungry in our great city
  • As your workplace if they have an employee giving or workplace matching program
  • Check out Food Banks Canada’s Impossible Choices campaign to learn how people find themselves in need of support
  • Be LOUD. Let’s end hunger.

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