We’re kicking of Hunger Awareness Week with FRESH food thanks to you!


Thank you to all who showed up on Saturday during our first ever FRESH Food Drive.

After receiving word that the weather has taken a toll on our farm, we knew we had to act fast. We are so grateful that member of the community have stepped up to help us provide the healthiest possible food for people in need.

In just four hours, shoppers and visitors at participating grocery store locations donated 4,301 lbs of fruits and vegetables, and $705!

Thank you to the generous shoppers who added extras to their grocery list to support our food drive, and thank you to the people who showed up with donations because they heard about the food drive on the news. Our city is filled with wonderfully generous people.

Thank you to the volunteers who participated and encouraged people to donate, and thank you to the four participating grocery store locations. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

Participating grocery stores included: Loblaws Merivale, Metro Convent Glen, Superstore Westboro, FreshCo Bank St



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