Marking 40 Years of Service – Serving our community since 1984

As we mark the 40th anniversary of the Ottawa Food Bank,

We take a moment to reflect on the journey that has brought us to this point and reaffirm our steadfast commitment to eliminating food insecurity in our community by 2050.

The Ottawa Food Bank recently marked a significant milestone – 40 years of dedicated service to our community. To commemorate four decades of service, a special event was held at the Ottawa Food Bank warehouse on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, at 11:00 am.

The purpose of the event was multifiaceted.

Firstly, it provided an opportunity to express profound gratitude to the countless individuals and groups whose unwavering support has been instrumental in the Ottawa Food Bank’s mission to alleviate food insecurity in Ottawa.

Additionally, it served as a platform to underscore the collective commitment to ending food insecurity in our city by the year 2050. This ambitious goal needs a united effort from all segments of the local community.

Key speakers in attendance were:

  • Rachael Wilson, CEO, Ottawa Food Bank
  • Mayor Mark Sutcliffe
  • Cort Sarion, a member of the Ottawa Food Bank’s Persons with Lived Experience Action Group
  • Diana Mahaffy, Manager, Centretown Community Food Centre, one of Ottawa’s oldest-running food centers

Their insights and reflections resonated with attendees. They emphasized the profound impact collaborative action makes in addressing food insecurity and recognized past achievement of the Ottawa Food Bank network. Continued dedication is needed to realize the shared vision of healthy, accessible, sustainable food for all.

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