Summer Nutrition Program partnership with ONFE

We’re pleased to announce that this summer, the Ottawa Food Bank (OFB) is partnering with the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) to provide nutritious food to children and youth. 

The Summer Nutrition Program – Children and Youth is being distributed with the help of 29 community organizations across the city of Ottawa and is intended for families with school-aged children and youth. 

Children and youth are offered a Learn-At-Home Kit from ONFE and a OFB Fresh Pack each month during July and August.  

Offerings include a variety of choices from all food groups. Food items are either ready-to-eat or easy to assemble, can be eaten at home or taken to day camps, and are nut-free and meet cultural dietary requirements. The combined offerings equal approximately 20 – 25 meals per month. 

The Summer Nutrition Program was created with community input and is possible thanks to our wonderful donors – thank you for your continued support of Ottawa’s children and youth during this challenging time! 

Fun Resources for Kids!

Check out these kid-friendly food literacy resources from the Ottawa Food Bank’s Dietician Team, including simple recipes, food group facts, and fun activities!

These resources are included in the Summer Nutrition Program packages.


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