The Give 30 – 2021 Campaign Has Just Launched!

give 30 campaign
Give 30 is a grassroots movement to help people in need; it strives for positive change and is inspired by Ramadan. The 2021 campaign has officially launched.

Give 30 is simple: everyone, regardless of faith,  gives to the Give 30 Campaign Partner Organizations during Ramadan.  For example, if you’re fasting, tally up your lunch and coffee money saved during the month and give that amount.  Or, if you’re not fasting, brown bag your lunch and give the money you saved during the month.  It might be a small change for 30 days, but it can make a difference for those who are in need.

Give 30 is about everyoneregardless of faith or background supporting the Give 30 Campaign Partner Organizations during the month of Ramadan so we can fight hunger in our communities. This initiative is about caring for our neighbours and making a difference, together.  Ramadan takes place from April 13 until May 12, 2021, and this year’s campaign runs until August 31, 2021.

What you can do:

  • Donate to the Give 30 Campaign Partner Organizations.
  • Encourage everyone you know to Give 30 by sharing your support through the handy sharing widgets at the bottom of this page.  Email all your friends.  Become a Fan of Give 30 on Facebook and follow on Twitter
  • Smile because you made a difference.  (Thanks, by the way.)

The Ottawa Food Bank has its own Give 30 donation link that you can find by clicking on the button below!

Thank you!


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