Unveiling of the Premium Meats Donation and Distribution Door at the Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank proudly announces the unveiling of the new Premium Meats Donation and Distribution Door. This landmark event commemorates a historic $1 million donation from Premium Meats, marking the largest single contribution in the Food Bank’s 40-year history.

This substantial donation, which spans from 2024 to 2034, promises to provide much-needed nourishment to families and individuals struggling with food insecurity across Ottawa. Premium Meats, a local business known for its high-quality meat and poultry products, has stepped up to support the Ottawa Food Bank at a critical time when the need for food assistance is at an all-time high and only continues to grow.

“Today is a heartfelt milestone in our journey of supporting the Ottawa Food Bank and our community,” said Marc Steele, CEO of Premium Meats. “Through this door, our donation will directly touch the lives of those in need, spreading essential nourishment through the network of food programs. The thought that our contribution will truly make a difference brings us deep joy and solidifies our commitment to standing alongside the Ottawa Food Bank in their noble mission.”

The newly unveiled Premium Meats Donation and Distribution Door symbolizes more than just a passageway for goods; it represents a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of community collaboration. This mural-adorned door stands as a reminder of the positive impact that collective efforts can have on addressing food insecurity.

In Ottawa, where one in seven residents faces food insecurity, the Ottawa Food Bank plays a crucial role in providing support. With over 490,000 visits annually across its 112 food programs, the Ottawa Food Bank has seen a staggering 68% increase in demand since 2019. Last year alone, the Ottawa Food Bank’s food purchasing expenses soared to approximately $9.2 million, highlighting the growing need for community support.

Rachael Wilson, CEO of the Ottawa Food Bank, expressed profound gratitude for Premium Meats’ unprecedented contribution. “This door not only symbolizes the generous support of Premium Meats but also represents a gateway to a brighter future for food security in Ottawa. It’s a reminder that when communities come together, we can create meaningful change and ensure that no one goes hungry. We’re immensely grateful for this partnership and excited about the positive impact it will have on our mission.”

Premium Meats’ donation is significant in its value of the quality of the products being provided. Meat and poultry are essential sources of protein that many food bank clients struggle to afford. This donation will enhance the nutritional value of the food distributed, contributing to better health outcomes for those in need.

The mural on the Premium Meats Donation and Distribution Door, painted by local artist, MuralMagic, vividly captures the spirit of generosity and the flow of community contributions to the Ottawa Food Bank. It serves as a visual representation of the positive impact that this partnership will have on the lives of countless individuals and families in our local community.

As the Ottawa Food Bank continues to serve the community, the support from partners like Premium Meats ensures they can meet the increasing demand and provide high-quality food to those who need it most. The unveiling of this door is not just a celebration of a donation but a celebration of community solidarity and the shared goal of eliminating food-insecurity in Ottawa.


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