You Might Receive a Phone Call! – Fundraising Campaign 2024

The Ottawa Food Bank is working with a local service provider who is managing and executing a tele-fundraising campaign for us.

We’ve chosen to hire a local and reputable firm called Generosité Fundraising & Communications to speak directly to donors. Our campaign is managed by their President and CEO, Thomas Krayer.

They work with non-profit and cultural organizations here in Ottawa. Thomas’ company is a proud member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and his call centre is fully payment card industry (PCI) compliant. They provide charities with cost-effective support for their own fundraising endeavours. You can feel safe about using your credit card to donate over the telephone with one of the representatives over the phone. Generosité Fundraising & Communications is a service provider that works with many non-profit and cultural organizations here in Ottawa.

A live human representative from Generosité Fundraising & Communications may call to ask you to consider joining our Nourish Forward community by becoming a monthly donor. Monthly donors are vital ensuring the Ottawa Food Bank can purchase and distribute emergency food to our community year-round.

Thank you for your support!

The campaign will be running from February 12th — May 4th. If you have any questions directly for Generosité Fundraising & Communications, please call them at (613) 288-5357.

Thank you for your support


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