A mother and generous teacher’s lasting tribute

The Ottawa Food Bank is grateful to receive a generous bequest from the estate of Nirmalamba, a retired teacher who recently passed away at the age of 89. Nirmalamba left a portion of her estate to the food bank, with the specific request that the money be used for children’s programming.

Nirmalamba came from a long line of teachers. Both her father and grandfather were teachers who pioneered setting up schools in rural India. Because of this background, she had a strong commitment to education and helping children. She saw teaching as a way to help people stand on their own two feet.

"Education was so important to my mother. She loved the children she taught and understood that if you are hungry you can't concentrate on learning."

As a mother, she felt a loving presence is the most essential factor to help children grow into mature and responsible adults. With her support, the Ottawa Food Bank will be able to continue to pass that love on to the children who receive nutritious food through their local programming.

In addition to supporting families with children through community food banks and other emergency food programs across the city, the Ottawa Food Bank runs several programs specifically intended to provide nutritious food and snacks to children in low-income families. These programs include our KickStart After 4 and Summer Nutrition Programs, and they will benefit greatly from Nirmalamba’s legacy.

Leaving a legacy through the Ottawa Food Bank’s Tomorrow’s Harvest program allows you to make a gift through a bequest, life insurance, or securities. Taking part in planned giving is a great way to make a lasting impact on reducing local hunger in Ottawa.

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We are so grateful for people like Nirmalamba who help make a lasting impact on food insecure families and individuals in Ottawa.
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