Hunger Action Month 2023: DONATE

The fourth theme for Hunger Action Month is DONATE

Donating food and funds is an impactful way to help fill the gaps created by food insecurity.

Your donations help us purchase the best food for the community!

Many people are surprised to find that the Ottawa Food Bank spends millions of dollars a year on food purchases to ensure we can keep up with demand and make certain we are providing a variety of nutritious and balanced options.

#1: Making your donation go further

Because we purchase food in such large quantities and have amazing food industry partners, we can make your donation go further. This means every dollar donated can be stretched further than if you were to go to the grocery store yourself!

To ensure we purchase the best food possible, we are committed to investing approximately $400,000 annually to improve the health outcomes of people who depend on emergency food services.

Through our ReFRESH winter produce program, we ensure that clients receive produce even during the winter months when our growing season is over. We allocate approximately $50,000 specifically to purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables to provide to our member agencies throughout the cold months.

#2: Fresh healthy foods for all

While canned and packaged foods are essential, fresh and nutritious options are equally important. The Ottawa Food Bank is fortunate to have its own Community Harvest Farm to grow and serve local produce. Thanks to generous local farmers, volunteers, and funders who enable this program, for whom we are profoundly grateful. Our admirable member agencies (e.g. meal programs, community food banks, shelters, etc.) provide the final linkage between our produce and our neighbours in need. Supporting these partnerships helps ensure that individuals and families in need have access to healthy, fresh food.

#3: Support that goes beyond a Food Bank

Food banks are just one part of the solution. The Ottawa Food Bank, much like Feed Ontario, supports a network of community-based organizations, after school programs, meal programs, and community food centers. These initiatives go beyond distributing food and address the root causes of hunger. Supporting such programs helps create a sustainable impact on hunger relief.

#4: Bigger-Picture Giving

The Gift of a Bequest

Including the Ottawa Food Bank as a beneficiary in your will allows you to make a larger gift than you might have thought possible. Also, a bequest provides charitable tax credits for your estate.

The Ottawa Food Bank is a proud partner in the Will Power national movement. Learn more about the impact your Will can have today

The Gift of Life Insurance

The Ottawa Food Bank can be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy with the benefits of that policy going directly to charity upon death.

This arrangement ensures that the proceeds do not pass through your estate, thereby circumventing probate. This entitles your estate to the tax benefit.

The Gift of Securities

Consider donating your shares directly to the Ottawa Food Bank. These gifts are easy to transfer, and they eliminate capital gains tax.

To donate these types of gifts, please fill out the Donation of Securities Form. Please ensure the form is signed by the donor and returned to the Ottawa Food Bank.

What gifts are eligible?

Thank you for following along during Hunger Action Month 2023!

We hope you learned more about how you can impact food insecurity through EducationAdvocacyVolunteering, and Donating.


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