Hunger Action Month: Member Agency Spotlight


The main function of the Ottawa Food Bank is to assist 112 emergency food programs across the city. These programs are our (AMAZING!) member agencies.

We help our member agency network by providing them with needed food and supplies, grant and training opportunities, and support.

It is through these hard-working agencies that we collectively help to provide food and supplies for over 39,000 people every month.

During Hunger Action Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on some of the fantastic programs who work so hard to help their neighbours. Debra Dynes Family House is a wonderful example of one of these hard-working programs.

Introducing: Debra Dynes Family House

The Debra Dynes Family House has been helping families and individuals in Ottawa since 1995. The Family House is a multi-service program that assists their neighbours through a wide range of services to meet the emergency and ongoing needs of the community – including their emergency food bank.

The Debra Dynes Family House is a resilient program with a strong history and commitment to adapting to the evolving needs of their visitors and neighbourhood. The current pandemic situation is certainly an example of a time when staff, volunteers, and programs needed to adapt, and the Debra Dynes Family House is continuously up to the challenge.

The number of food bank clients who walked through their doors doubled in April at the height of COVID-19, and has yet to dip back below those pre-pandemic numbers. It is predicted that this trend will continue for their Emergency Food Bank program (and for most food bank programs across the city) as benefits come to an end, rent remains high, and people struggle to once again find secure work.

Please join us in thanking the Debra Dynes Family House for all they do for their community. We, at the Ottawa Food Bank, are proud to be your partner and are very appreciative of all you to make this city a better place for so many.

Some smiling faces in the Debra Dynes community


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