Hunger Action Month Week 4: Donate

This week's Hunger Action Month theme is Donate!

Donating food and funds is an impactful way to help fill the gaps created by food insecurity.

Right now, we are focused on increasing our distribution of healthy snacks for children. From Halloween through the holidays, we receive a huge influx of highly processed, sugary treats.

While we are grateful for all donations (and recognize treats are a great part of a balanced diet), we often miss out on more nutritious food options during this season, which can have negative health impacts on our community.

Nutrition is critical for physical and mental health, especially during key developmental years.

Help us support children’s nutrition by donating healthy snacks this giving season, or making a donation to help us purchase fresh food!

Thank you for following along during Hunger Action Month! We hope you learned more about how you can impact food insecurity through Education, Advocacy, Volunteering, and Donating.


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