Moving To A Healthier Future

Help Us Expand Our Capacity to Meet the Needs of Our Community!

Your support has never been more needed.

The Ottawa Food Bank is moving to a new location in Ottawa so that we can increase our capacity to provide fresh, healthy food to thousands of children and adults in our community every month.

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Why Are We Moving?

We Need to Meet Increasing Needs.

With the lingering impacts of a pandemic and a recent dramatic rise in the cost of living, many more children and adults in our community are experiencing food insecurity. With added space, new, larger food storage equipment, and efficiency at our new location, we will be in a better position to meet growing needs. 

A Healthier Future for Our Children.

Of the more than 44,000 people accessing food banks in Ottawa each month, 36% are children under 17. Our Moving To A Healthier Future campaign is very much about the well-being and positive development of thousands of children in our community.

Growing Our Capacity to Provide Fresh, Healthy Food.

The Ottawa Food Bank is grateful to the community for its 8-acre farm operating in Stittsville. It works with businesses, local farmers, and hundreds of volunteers to produce, acquire and provide fresh, healthy food. More than 40% of the food we deliver today is fresh. With new equipment, larger refrigeration and more food prep space, we’ll be able to do even more.

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