You Feed the Need: Summer 2020 Newsletter

Read up on how your support of the Ottawa Food Bank ensures people have enough food to get through their toughest days.

Throughout spring, your support has really helped some of the less fortunate in the Ottawa community. These days, even small things like receiving a fresh vegetable in a food hamper can make a big difference to a single mom with two growing children at home.

“I got zucchini today… That means I can make a zucchini loaf for the kids to snack on this week.” – Andrea (Mother)

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Andrea worked hard, full time, earning minimum wage. Even then, it was a struggle to pay all the bills, let alone have enough fresh fruits and veggies for her growing pre-teen son and daughter. Now, with two kids at home not able to access school lunch programs – it’s virtually impossible.

Andrea’s saving grace is her community food bank, supplied with fresh, healthy food, by YOU – one of the Ottawa Food Bank’s very kind and generous friends.

Also in this edition of You Feed the Need:

  • Your gifts during a crisis
  • A message from Michael
  • What will the summer bring?

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