Back to School — How You Can Help the Struggling Children

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Did you know that 37% of Ottawa Food Bank clients are children?

Ottawa’s children have been struggling with the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. Their schools have been closed since March Break and summer programs have been limited. This means that many kids have not had the easy access to extra snacks and healthy foods they normally would through our school and summer programs.

Innocent kids who simply would go hungry if it wasn’t for you! You are the reason we can continue to purchase and distribute healthy, nutritionally balanced food for hungry children and their families.

It’s hard to hear, but it’s true that many children look forward to school – and after school programs – because of the food they receive there. Food they don’t get at home. With pandemic restrictions, many children don’t get the nutritionally balanced meals they need to grow into strong and healthy adults.

Ottawa’s children are soon going to be heading back to their lessons, whether in a classroom or in their own home. And that means they’ll need essential nutrients to give them lasting energy so they can focus on learning – and growing.

I hope you can find it in your heart to make a special gift to ensure no child has to go hungry today – or any other day.
for you kindness.

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