A Big Thank you to the Loaves and Fishes Fund for their Incredible Donation

We are extremely grateful to the Loaves and Fishes Fund for their incredible $25,000 contribution which they raised at last year’s Loaves and Fishes Gala. This year’s gala takes place on Saturday, April 18th. For more information, visit the Loaves and Fishes Gala event page.

Loaves and fishes fund gala food bank ottawa events fundraiser

“We are grateful for the generous and continued support that we receive from the Loaves and Fishes Fund of Ottawa-Carleton... Their incredible $25,000 contribution helps us purchase fresh and nutritious food including fruit, vegetables, and protein. Through this effort, the Loaves and Fishes Fund is helping us put healthy meals on the tables of people in our city who need it the most.”

We can’t wait until this year’s event! Grab your ticket before it sells out!


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  1. I am looking for formula for preemie triplets. Do you have anything?
    Mom is in need. (I am her Birth Companion to help support her with Mothercraft)

    1. Hi there,

      Can you please send me an email at with your home address and I’ll let you know what food program is your area.
      They may be able to help you with formula needs, and then we can go from there.

      Thank you!

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